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Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre

Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre is the hub of tennis and all related activities in New South Wales. For years, we have been providing world-class services and access to state-of-art facilities in the sport of tennis.

What We Offer

We offer the following:
Coaching at the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre requires several necessary skills to deliver the quality of service we promise to our customers. The coaching programs are divided into two; customers-based and coaches-based.
The NSW State Academy is a world-class tennis training facility located in Sydney Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia. The academy offers standard training programs for players looking to develop themselves and hone their skills to competitive levels. Due to the requirements and the level of athletes training at the academy, the program is high-intensity and focuses on developing players into complete athletes.
Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre provides several services in different tennis areas, from training to the sales of equipment and apparel. Services that are rendered physically can be received during the opening hours of 8.00 am to 10.00 pm on Monday to Friday and 8.00 am to 5.00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.
Tennis lessons at the NSW Tennis Centre are categorised into three. The first is the general lessons where every student in the same level of skills and mastery are grouped. The second category is the private lesson option, where a student is being taught personally by one of the coaches. The third and last category is the group/squad lessons, where players are grouped into squads and learn together.
There are several tennis camps at the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre. These camps are intensive training periods where participants learn tennis within a short period. The camps hold during different times of the year and cater to different age groups and skill levels. The tennis camps at SOPTC are great for people who want to improve their tennis skills within a short time but are mostly focused on children.
Corporate firms located at NSW can use the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre for their sports outings. Team professional and personal development events such as workshops, sporting competitions, and even formal occasions like dinner can be held in the centre. The Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre offers top-notch facilities that will fulfil the company's outing purposes.

Our Local Supporters

Court Hire

Hiring a court in the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre (SOPTC) is an easy task that requires no stress from you. Our court may be hired by individuals who wish to play some games between or among themselves for recreation or by squads who need to practice together.

Venue Hire

The Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre is not used only for playing tennis but also to host many other events. The venue most people or companies hire for their events are the function rooms. SOPTC offers five function rooms that are designed to cater for events of all distinction.

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