Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre at A Glance

Who Are We?

Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre is the hub of tennis and all related activities in New South Wales. For years, we have been providing world-class services and access to state-of-art facilities in the sport of tennis. People in NSW and surrounding areas can fulfil their tennis dreams and goals at the centre as we provide training for athletes of all calibre and people who play tennis for recreation.

We have camps year-round to help people learn to play tennis within a short period. During these camps, we teach participants rudiments of tennis and train them in basic skills depending on their level of proficiency. We also have provisions for whole teams or squads to practice together whether they require our coaches' services. The centre also hosts the world-renowned Medibank International every year in January.

Our Mission

At Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre, we have set a mission before ourselves to be an excellent centre for all activities that have to do with tennis. With our resources made available to the public, we seek to promote the love of tennis and help players and other tennis enthusiasts reach their tennis goals.

Our Services & Facilities

SOPTC offers a wide range of services with standard facilities to meet every need of tennis enthusiast. Our services include:
• Access to elite coaches, trainers, and other specialists who will help you nurture and hone your tennis skills to desired levels
• A pro-shop where you can purchase all the equipment and gears that you want, from tennis rackets and balls to clothing and shoes
• Training for different categories of players from competing athletes to recreational tennis players
• Camps for all sort of players, whether adults or children; beginners or professionals
• Stringing services all week for interested customers
• Coffee house with a full stock of various snacks and drinks.

Our facilities are world-class, and they include:
• Olympic-sized tennis courts
• Weather-friendly indoor courts
• Function rooms for events; and so many more tennis-related facilities.


Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre is located at Rod Laver Drive, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127, Australia. The location is easy to know if you live or work around the centre. If you do not, you can download the location map on the centre's website and compute it with your GPS. You can also ask to be directed by calling the reception or the pro-shop. To reach the SOPTC services, you may contact the numbers listed below depending on your location and preference. For example, international callers can reach the centre by phoning +612 9024 7628 while local callers call 02 9024 7628. You can reach the pro-shop on 02 9024 7628 or fax through 02 9763 7655.

Opening Hours

You can reach SOPTC directly by visiting the centre during our opening hours. We are open from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm on Monday to Friday, and 8.00 am to 5.00 pm on Sunday. During these hours, you can access all our services and utilise available facilities after proper registration or booking.

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