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Coaching at the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre requires several necessary skills to deliver the quality of service we promise to our customers. The coaching programs are divided into two; customers-based and coaches-based. Customers-based coaching programs include the advanced squad, adult group coaching, tennis camps, adult social tennis, private lessons, Aussie Mozzie, and development program. Coaches-based coaching programs are programs designed to build coaches' professional careers.

Customer-Based Coaching Programs

To start with, here is the customers-based coaching program:

Advanced Squad

The advanced squad program aims to develop players who already have a rudimentary knowledge of tennis and possess basic skills. These are players who already know the right techniques and are just looking to become better. The program designed for them is called "how to win matches," and classes run for 2 hours, two times a week.

Adult Group Coaching

This is an eight-week course covering basic techniques on all strokes and provides players with a foundation for building their games. This program is targeted towards beginners or intermediate players, having played tennis on and off without any formal training. Classes run for one hour per week throughout the eight weeks duration.

Tennis Camps

The Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre offers four camps every year for children looking to develop their tennis skills within a short time. The camps are during spring, easter, summer, and winter. Spring, Easter, and Summer camps run for five days from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm, while winter camps run for four days.

The camp includes training such as stroke development, drills, and games. All participants participate in this training, but advanced players go further by competing in singles and doubles round-robin matches.

Adult Social Tennis

The adult social tennis program allows beginners and intermediate level players to train, socialise and enjoy doubles match plays. The matches are played among teams of similar skill levels. The program holds every Monday evening after the Adult Group Coaching. Players may participate in both activities.

Private Lessons

Players who wish to train alone or complement general training can book private lessons with any of our coaches. You can decide your training time and work out a routine with your assigned coach. To get started, you need to contact the head coach, who will assign you a coach.

Aussie Mozzie

Aussie Mozzie is a program designed for children between the ages of 5 and 7 years. The program aims to develop the universal motor skills of children as they learn basic stroke techniques and ball skills. The program runs for 45 minutes every week.

Development Program

The development program of SOPTC is tailored to help players learn basic tennis skills with the correct technique. They also improve their footwork and ball control. The program is divided into levels to ensure that players develop all aspects of their game. Development program classes run for 1 hour every week.

Coaches-Based Coaching Programs

While most visitors are interested in the customers-based coaching programs, programs are designed to help coaches develop their skills and progress their professional careers. These programs include training, memberships of coaches' associations, and conferences to improve their skills and network with other coaches.

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