Corporate Tennis


Not just golf but tennis has made its way into the world of corporate relationships. Companies find it an ideal activity to bring business and pleasure together in one day of letting loose. In addition, this activity allows workers to strengthen their professional relationships as they mix and network throughout the event.

Corporate Tennis in NSW

Corporate firms located at NSW can use the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre for their sports outings. Team professional and personal development events such as workshops, sporting competitions, and even formal occasions like dinner can be held in the centre. The Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre offers top-notch facilities that will fulfil the company’s outing purposes.

There are professional coaches, customised memorabilia, and trophies for the sporty side of the outing to make the whole experience complete. The coaches will guide participants through organising themselves into teams, deciding on matches, and other technical aspects. They also provide their professional advice to each team and help beginners get the hang of the activities.

The memorabilia, trophies, and the likes may be gotten from the pro-shop or ordered to be customised before the event. This makes the whole experience wholesome as winning teams get souvenirs to celebrate over after their matches.

For more formal affairs, there are function rooms and catering services to make the event a success. These services may be required as part of the corporate tennis activity but may also be used alone. For both, it requires following due process to ensure that all desired facilities are made available to the customers.

Why Tennis?

Tennis has come to be beloved among people of different social standings globally, and the corporate world is not exempted. The competitiveness and friendliness of the sport encourage healthy rivalry and balance it out with the camaraderie that comes with being in a team.

Outside of the office, co-workers can have something else to bond with and create worthy memories to improve their relationships with one another. Tennis also allows the core values of the corporate world to be carried into less formal settings.

These include teamwork, perseverance, dedication, and more. With this, it is no surprise that the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre gets booked often by corporate firms who wish to hold their company outings in the centre.


Corporate tennis events are mostly held in one of the five function rooms offered by the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre. Each of these rooms can cater to a wide variety of meetings, from intimate meetings involving ten people up to large corporate events of up to 700 attendees. Apart from the function rooms, some customers also prefer to use the Centre Court for their events. This venue is more scenic and creates a memorable impact, so it is ideal for dinners, cocktail parties, film shoots, and concerts. To use any of these venues, you can contact the Sydney Olympic Park Business Events Team on

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