Court Hire

Hiring A Court Is Easy

Hiring a court in the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre (SOPTC) is an easy task that requires no stress from you. Our court may be hired by individuals who wish to play some games between or among themselves for recreation or by squads who need to practice together. The process of hiring a court in SOPTC is enumerated in the rule book, where terms and conditions for using several of the centre's facilities are listed.

Hiring A Court

To hire a court, all you have to do is follow the laid down process as required. However, failure to do so may result in some technical problems on your behalf, such as the inability to receive credits if you have to cancel.


To start with, if you want to hire a court at SOPTC, all bookings and program payments have to be made before the date of the event. A court hire booking can be made physically, by phone, or through the website, after which you must make payment. Payment validates bookings, and failure to comply may lead to a loss of reservation.


The cost of hiring a court at SOPTC is determined by the stipulated court hire rates, which usually differ depending on the day and time of the booking. For example, if you just want to hire the court for recreational purposes or if any time frame does not bind you, it may be cheaper to hire a court during a period that is not highly contested among customers.


To cancel a court hire, you have to call the SOPTC Pro-Shop or the reception on (02) 9024 7628. You should note that there SOPTC does not provide refunds, only credits. You should also know that cancellation must be made following a proper process to be eligible for a credit refund. If not, customers may find themselves with no recourse. One of the most important rules guiding cancellation of court hire at SOPTC is that it has to be done before the reservation. Once a cancellation is made following the proper process, credits may be processed for the affected party.

When Are Credits Given?

The rule of SOPTC is that cancellation does not warrant the customer a refund of their money. Instead, they are given credits that they may use at a later date. To qualify for credit to be given for cancellation, the customer must have cancelled following the proper process, which includes giving adequate notice to the centre. When a customer qualifies to be given credit, circumstances will determine whether such a customer gets full credit or partial credit.

Full credit is also given when a booking is ‘washed out. Being ‘washed out’ means that it must be raining so much that the customers cannot use the services they have paid for. Only the SOPTC can declare a ‘wash out’ as it must be raining in the centre for a ‘wash out’ to apply. Customers need to phone the centre and confirm their booking before going out to the court. This is because the rain must be falling at the centre for it to matter.

Also, when there is lightning during a court hire, all plays would be suspended, and we would give credits. Apart from the situations listed above, customers may lose their money when they cancel their court hire.

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