NSW State Academy

Sydney Premier Tennis Academy

The NSW State Academy is a world-class tennis training facility located in Sydney Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia. The academy offers standard training programs for players looking to develop themselves and hone their skills to competitive levels. Due to the requirements and the level of athletes training at the academy, the program is high-intensity and focuses on developing players into complete athletes.

Known as "Sydney Premier Tennis Academy, we aim to produce players that are competitive on the global level. We have designed our programs to achieve the missions we set out for ourselves, and the level of athletes we produce reflects the educational resources invested in them.

The NSW State Academy is divided into two parts: Scholarship and Non-Scholarship. The scholarship category is based on national ranking criteria, while the non-scholarship is on a fee-for-service basis. Players have to compete with others across the country to merit the scholarship award. Players who do not meet the required eligibility may choose to attend the academy by paying.


The NSW State Academy's programs are held at the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre. The world-class facilities of the centre are made available to the students of the academy. The facilities available include:

Classrooms for the students

Courts and Surrounds

Training Halls


Several tournaments and competitions are organised to help the students develop their skills and competitive spirits. The competitions include friendly matches with other students of the academy and matches with other players within and outside the country.

NSW Athlete Development

The NSW State Academy has an athlete development program that helps players, coaches, and other officials achieve their dreams in tennis. The Academy's Athlete Development Section includes eight key areas: overview, athlete pathway, talent search, regional programs, NSW State Academy (SA), players with a disability, and policies.

We wrote these guidelines to give all stakeholders a clear understanding of what is required to become successful in their fields and achieve their goals. The mission of the Athlete Development is to manage and promote the development of internationally successful Australian players. The vision is to develop future Grand Slam Champions.


The NSW State Academy provides elite coaches with experience to guide the students through their studies. The coaches at the academy have undergone rigorous training in their respective fields and have certifications to back up their knowledge. They have also been coaching athletes of varying levels of skills for years and have accumulated a wealth of experience along the way. These have made them experts in their disciplines, and this expertise is what they use to groom players at the academy into world-class athletes.

Coach Education

In 2009, Tennis Australia launched a Talent Development Coaches' Program to promote passionate coaches who specialise in training players under 12. For further information on the NSW State Academy, look up our website www.tennis.com.au/nswstateacademy or contact our commercial manager, Mark Wilton, by phone on (02) 9024 7628 or through email at mwilton@tennis.com.au.

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