Services Rendered by Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre

Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre provides several services in different tennis areas, from training to the sales of equipment and apparel. Services that are rendered physically can be received during the opening hours of 8.00 am to 10.00 pm on Monday to Friday and 8.00 am to 5.00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Services at a Glance

The services provided by the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre are: Tennis-based services such as:

Tennis training for athletes of all levels

Camps for adults and children

Coach education

A pro-shop that sells all tennis equipment and apparel, among others

Non-tennis services such as

The hiring of venues for events.

Main Services

The main service provided by SOPTC is the training of people in tennis. For this purpose, the centre has a lot of systems in place. Tennis training at SOPTC is categorised on its nature, requirements, and composition.

There is general training where all players are taught to play tennis together, depending on their level of mastery. Beginners are grouped, and they are taught the basics of tennis playing. They learn basic skills such as stroking and are made to do drills that would help them master their skills.

Players that are already conversant with tennis playing are put in advanced classes where they play matches against one another and learn new skills. Advanced players practice their old skills, do drills and improve their mastery of the sport.

While general training is the go-to for most people, there are also private lessons for those who wish to have one-on-one training with coaches.

Other Services

Apart from the main services, which are tennis-based, SOPTC also provides more services such as coach education, expert consultation, renting of venues, etc. In addition to this, the centre has a pro-shop where customers can buy all tennis items such as equipment, gears, and souvenirs. There are also stringing services for interested customers and a coffee house for those looking to buy snacks and drinks.

Tennis Pro-Shop

SOPTC pro-shop has all you may need for your tennis training. The shop is stocked with all the latest HEAD equipment, including racquets, tennis balls, accessories, etc. It also provides a wide range of options for training apparel such as clothing, shoes, and others.

Items bought in the pro-shop are of superior quality, and customers can confirm the quality of their goods before leaving the shop. For example, demonstration racquets are made available to 'try before you buy.

Stringing Service

Stringing service is available on the site all the time, and customers can choose from the wide variety of strings available. If desired, customers can also provide their string.

Coffee House

The coffee house is open to provide refreshments for customers while they go about their activities in the centre. Some of the options available are coffee & tea, sports drinks & soft drinks, juices & fruit salads, cakes & cereals, sandwiches & pies, muffins, candy & ice creams.

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