Tennis Camps

Tennis Camps Year-Round at SOPTC

There are several tennis camps at the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre. These camps are intensive training periods where participants learn tennis within a short period. The camps hold during different times of the year and cater to different age groups and skill levels. The tennis camps at SOPTC are great for people who want to improve their tennis skills within a short time but are mostly focused on children.

Camp Curriculum

The curriculum at the camps is designed to make the best out of the period of training. Every day, the children engage in training, including stroke development, drills, and games. The other activities depend on the level of proficiency of each player. Beginners are taught the rudiments of tennis and the basic skills of tennis. Then, they spend their time practising these skills and learning the correct techniques to execute every element. It allows them to love the sport as they learn in a fun way amongst themselves. Children categorised as advanced players are usually ones that already have a mastery of the basic skills. These players participate in singles and doubles round-robin matches. Advanced players also do more difficult drills, practice old skills and learn new ones. All players who participate in the camp are awarded certificates and prizes. They also take group photographs.

Camps Instructors

The coaches handle training at camps at the centre. These coaches are all certified in their areas and have a wealth of experience in coaching tennis. They take the camp participants through all the camp activities, ensuring that they fulfil the camp's objectives. They also ensure that all the skills being learnt are done correctly and with the right technique. The coaches help advanced players notice the holes in their games and point them out to them to develop the right approach to their games.

Camps Available

There are different types of camps all year round at the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre, and they include the Spring, Easter, Summer, and Winter camps. The first three camps run for five half-days while the Winter camp runs for four days from 9.00 am till 3.00 pm.

Participants in one camp may participate in another camp later in the year. This provides children with the opportunity to improve their skills gradually over the year. Participants also get to meet other children with similar interests.

Enrolling in Tennis Camp

Since most tennis camps at SOPTC are focused on children, participants have to be registered by their parents. The parents may visit the centre physically to enrol their children or contact the reception to enrol online.

Benefits of Tennis Camp at SOPTC

Tennis camps at the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre are packed with benefits for the participants, and these include:
• Learning to play tennis within a short amount of time
• Access to elite coaches who are experienced in their field
• Learning to correct wrong techniques and develop good playing habits
• Getting to play with other children with similar levels of tennis proficiency
• Making new friends that would transcend the court
• Opportunity to utilise school breaks judiciously
• Developing an athletic lifestyle that would teach all sport values in kids from a young age; and so many more.

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