Tennis Lessons

All Forms of Tennis Lessons At SOPTC

Tennis lessons at the NSW Tennis Centre are categorised into three. The first is the general lessons where every student in the same level of skills and mastery are grouped. The second category is the private lesson option, where a student is being taught personally by one of the coaches. The third and last category is the group/squad lessons, where players are grouped into squads and learn together.

General Lessons

General lessons are provided for everyone looking to learn tennis at the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre. Players are grouped according to their age and skill levels, with beginners learning together and advanced players practising with one another.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are provided for students who desire them either due to their schedule, skill level, or any other personal reason. The rules guide this form of tennis lesson in NSW SOPTC in the organisation's Terms and Conditions. These rules cover every aspect of private lessons, from enrolment, classes to payment.

Rules Guiding Private Lessons

Some of the rules guiding private lessons in the SOPTC include that:
• Lessons must be paid for before the lesson or at the time of the lesson
• There would be an additional administration fee of $10.00 to the cost of any player who fails to pay before or at the time of a lesson
• There would not be any lesson for any player owing fees until all outstanding payments are completely made
• Although there is a refund policy where credits, instead of money, can be refunded in exemplary cases, this policy does not always hold. One such instance where we would not refund a player’s fees is when such a player misses a paid lesson without informing their coach 24 hours before the lesson. Such a player would also not be entitled to credit
• Private lessons are fully paid, and only rain could stop the lessons from holding. If it is not raining at SOPTC at the time of the lesson, we will not cancel lessons. Players can contact the Pro-Shop or the reception on (02) 9024 7628 to confirm the weather condition at the centre. The coach in charge of the lesson would decide 30 minutes before the lesson. In a situation whereby the rain prevents a lesson from holding, there would be a 100% credit refund.
• Apart from rain and lightning, no other weather condition is valid for a credit refund. In the case of lightning, just like the rain, there would be a suspension of lessons and a credit refund.

Group/Squad Lessons

While the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre provides general training for all athletes, teams, and squads that wish to play amongst themselves can get a court assigned to them. Some teams already have their coaches with them, while some require the expertise of SOPTC coaches. These squad lessons allow players to play among themselves and develop as a team.

Any team can train at SOPTC, whether amateurs from a school or professionals play on the international scene.

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