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Hire A Venue At SOPTC

The Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre is not used only for playing tennis but also to host many other events. The venue most people or companies hire for their events are the function rooms. SOPTC offers five function rooms that are designed to cater for events of all distinction. From small and intimate gatherings of about ten people to large and formal gatherings of a corporate firm, there is always a perfect function room to cater to each event's requirements. While the function room caters to various demands, some firms desire venues that would make lasting memories on the attendees of their events. This is when the Centre Court stands out. The Centre Court provides a memorable atmosphere for your dinners, cocktail parties, concerts, film shoot, or any other event requiring such an atmosphere.

Why You Should Hire A Venue At SOPTC

The venues provided by the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre are excellent for several reasons, some of which are:

• They provide a different atmosphere compared to hotels and halls

• They allow event attendees to be more relaxed and indulge in the offers of the SOPTC

• The function rooms are designed to create the atmosphere you want; whether intimate or grand

• It allows for a diversification of an event's activities as companies can host matches in the courts and after-parties in one of the function rooms

• It creates a memorable effect on attendees and would improve the relationship among co-workers.

How to Go About Hiring A Venue

Hiring a venue at Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre is a simple affair no matter the size of the event to be hosted or any other feature. All you have to do is contact the Sydney Olympic Park Business Events Team. You can do this by sending a mail to them on

Cost of Hiring a Venue at SOPTC

The cost of a venue is dependent on the type of venue you wish to book. For example, large function rooms for big events are more expensive to hire than small rooms used for business meetings and small parties. The cost may also increase depending on whether you require additional services such as cleaning, decoration, and so on. To get an accurate quote for the venue you wish to hire, you should discuss it with the Sydney Olympic Park Business Events Team, who would take you through all the processes involved. You have to pay fully to validate your venue hire.

Available Options

The options available for whoever is looking to host an event in the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre are function rooms and the Centre Court. A firm may hire any of the venues alone or a couple of them together, depending on the event's design to be hosted.

Also, you may hire a function room or the Centre Court in addition to a playing court. This option is mostly utilised by firms who use those venues to host parties after a friendly match.

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